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Why are your photos not from Funko's real site?

We are using photos of the actual pop you are purchasing over a stock photo. The ONLY stock photo that we use is the character photo (because I have no interest in opening and damaging a box further for the sake of a picture). Unfortunately a picture I am taking just cant compare to the "pop" quality of a stock photo (no pun intended). We think you will be happier being able to clearly see the item you are purchasing over a stock photo.

What is with the grading, I don't agree with it?

I understand not everyone has the same option about quality. I am giving you my honest opinion of each and every piece available while ALSO providing you with the pictures of the Pop! you are intending to purchase. Zoom to your hearts content and judge the Pop! for yourself, I urge every single one of you to do so.

PPG does not seem accurate.

But it is the standard and it is the best we have at the moment. This also allows me and you to have an understandable price point. I am looking up the PPG value of every item and pricing the Pop! according to both its value AND condition. To put it frankly, we tried to design price points that are very understandable to the consumer. No more wondering why a price is priced the way it is as we are spelling it out for you. With that said we understand the PPG and if there are little to no entries or the last time it has been scanned was too long ago, we will also look at Ebay sold listings to determine a value (while clearly notating that we did so).

Why don't you have anything graded a 10?

The only reason we refuse to grade anything as a 10 is because we are trying to take the argument out of some of these pieces. I am simply starting at 9 and any noticeable damage anywhere automatically moves the grade to an 8. It is simply designed that way to favor the consumer, something I feel the consumer doesn't get enough of.

What makes you different from all the others?

I personally think there are about a 1/2 dozen Funko sites that are great. I also personally think the other 95% of the sites out there are garbage. First, where in the world are some of these sites coming up with a price? I am seeing pieces I am putting up that are being sold for twice or three times their actual value! And that's fine, I am not trying to compete with anyone. With that said we are trying to create real transparency through both understandable price points while moving away from stock photos.