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    Carrie (Blacklight) - #1436 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive - NEW

    Carrie (Blacklight) - #1436 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive - NEW

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    Item is enroute and will start shipping on AUGUST 9th 2023

    Carrie (Blacklight) - #1436 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

    Funko Pop! Movies: Carrie

    Box Condition - Mint

    Damage Description - We are an authorized Funko Pop! retailer as well as a Pop secondary market. The only things we would list as "new" are items purchased directly through one of our Funko distributors. This item is considered factory new and is graded as a 10/10 only because of our White Glove Service (see below)

    Release Date - 2023

    Our Price - $14.99

    The Pop Gateway White Glove Service:

    1. Your brand new Pop will ship in a Pop protector (please note this only applies for 4 inch Pops at the moment).
    2. We are going to inspect your Pop! prior to shipping and prior to placing it in a Pop! protector.
    3. All of our lightly damaged "brand new" product moves over to our secondary market and sold at a 20% discount. We will still make use of this lightly damaged product, but not at the expense of our customers (don't you wish retail did this??).
    4. Everything is individually bubble wrapped.
    5. If our best efforts result in you STILL receiving a damaged Pop box, just reach out to us and we will replace it if we can and refund it if we can't.

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