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    Red Hawk Luffy - #1273 - Common and Chase Bundle - AAA Anime Exclusive - Box Condition 10/10 - NEW

    Red Hawk Luffy - #1273 - Common and Chase Bundle - AAA Anime Exclusive - Box Condition 10/10 - NEW

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    Red Hawk Luffy - #1273 - Common and Chase Bundle - AAA Anime Exclusive

    Funko Pop! Animation: One Piece

    Box Condition - 10/10

    Damage Description - We are an authorized Funko Pop! retailer as well as a Pop secondary market. The only things we would list as "new" are items purchased directly through one of our Funko distributors. This item is considered factory new and is graded as a 10/10 only because of our White Glove Service (see below).

    Release Date - 2022

    Our Price - $79.99

    One Piece Luffy Red Hawk Pop! Vinyl AAA Anime Exclusive

    • Ready to rumble with rubber pirate Luffy?
    • Flaming Red Hawk packs quite the punch, you know.
    • Don't miss this AAA Anime Exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure!
    • And set your sights on the treasured glow-in-the-dark chase!
    AAA Anime Exclusive! From the celebrated One Piece manga and anime series, comes this awesome One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Red Hawk Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - AAA Anime Exclusive. With his Red Hawk technique, Luffy ignites his fist and flings a fiery punch. Duck! Unearth the treasured chase variant featuring a whirlwind of glow-in-the-dark flames! Luffy stands about 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. Add him to your crew of Straw Hat Pirates. In fact, put him in charge! Ages 3 and up.

    Surprise! Surprise! This very special item might have limited variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. If extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these highly sought-after ultra-rare collectibles when you order this item! Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific variants upon ordering, nor can we accept returns of opened items. And the item you receive may be slightly different from the standard edition pictured. Some attached images may include a picture of the prized variant.

    In case you didn't know: What is a "chase variant" and why is it so special? Well, variants are slightly different productions made in limited number and inserted into the standard production run. Kind of like a golden ticket, you just never know when you might receive one! These variants are often called chase items because they're the versions that the most enthusiastic collectors are always chasing after to get. When you purchase multiple units, it can increase your chance of landing one of these popular treasures. However, chase pieces are not guaranteed.

    The Pop Gateway White Glove Service:

    1. Your brand new Pop will ship in a Pop protector (please note this only applies for 4 inch Pops at the moment).
    2. We are going to inspect your Pop! prior to shipping and prior to placing it in a Pop! protector.
    3. All of our lightly damaged "brand new" product moves over to our secondary market and sold at a 20% discount. We will still make use of this lightly damaged product, but not at the expense of our customers (don't you wish retail did this??).
    4. Everything is individually bubble wrapped.

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